You might be wondering why you need this workshop I will tell you the reason is because we decided to have it as sort of as model the experience that you’re going to go through right all of you are more than likely going to be servants dropped into a situation where you’re expected to do all sorts of things in the classroom and you have not done before and teach areas that you’re not familiar with or you know that you are tangential to your area of expertise I so we thought the way to leap to show you how you might go right about that would be to have somebody who who hasn’t done that sort of puzzle out of how we would go about putting this together. Learn more about possible difficulties with research at Edusson.

And the way that he puzzled it out it is sort of through and you see in the help of people who have done it right so he’s been working with me to figure out to introduce students to different types of resources at the library and also met with a number of consulted with number of but students who had thought the PA seminar in religion and so they have gone through taken students do that long process of writing their PhD C and so I just wanna by way of a plug sort of to say that when you I think when you start teaching the house just in general when you start teaching but especially when you start teaching at different institutions I want to make sure that you are aware that you can contact the librarians at that institution and they are there to help you with anything that might come up with your teaching it’s often the case with adjunct in that you serve if you get hired and then they just you know let you go and there’s not as much checking up on you which on the one hand is nice because you know.

They trust you to do their job that on the other hand can be you know frustrating because you don’t know if you’re doing the right thing and you’re not sure how the system works because it’s not your University in Bogota librarians are a great resource in that situation and other faculty are good resources too but oftentimes you might get the most help from the like parents so they’ll have and they should have all sorts of resources already set up and ready for you to take advantage of I suspect if and oh my god you already know about the research guides so we have the religion resource guide these live guides are pretty standard now across America a u.s. North American universities and so they’re more than likely any college or university that you work at is going to have something similar like this for their for their various them right maybe put together by their various subject specialists and of course while you’re still a student here you can use mine you can access all of this information through your as an affiliate of the United States of Chicago.

In preparation for you to make your own outline we’re going to look at one more sample argumentative essay and we’re going to outline the structure of that essay and then we are going to move on and I will demonstrate what you’re going to do tomorrow which is create an outline for your own research essay and I’ll show you the expectations towards the end of this video so you need to start with what want to go through is this one right here and you’ll see argumentative essay sample too and you’ll notice that the first line is the hook of the introduction and the statements gets people aware of the scope of the issue so it’s marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug in the United States it’s a big statement that kind of captures the scope of the issue. Read more examples of argumentative essays on Edusson.

And you’ll see that in the introduction then it follows with some statistics which is different from yesterday’s essay because if you look at yesterday’s essay what it does is for the sample 1 it starts with a statement about the the observations of the new study it goes to the thesis and then it gives a piece of a piece of information from the conclusion of that particular study so it it has this quote here this qualitative assessment after the after the thesis and this essay is structured differently by giving you the evidence the statistical evidence here so those are two different ways to start now what you’ll notice with this one also essay number two is you notice that this kind of seems like a thesis statement despite some viewpoints the marijuana is harmless these figures present a sobering picture of this drugs very real and serious harms and that may seem like a thesis but if you keep reading they actually get much more specific and their thesis down here is marijuana presents a major challenge for health care profession providers public safety professionals and leaders and communities in all levels of government seeking to reduce the drug use and its consequences throughout the country.

So the thesis is that it presents a major challenge and it’s because of its it’s damaging so that’s the thesis right there it’s a much more specific thesis and if you compare it to yesterday’s thesis you can see that that’s also a specific thesis that the finding could be extremely significant as many colleges that continue to rely on SAT may be less comfortable doing so so you want to work to have your thesis specific like that as well and not just a general it’s good or bad kind of thesis if you scroll down then the first sub point is there a significant public discussion around marijuana much of which includes terms legalization dis criminalization of medical marijuana and the first sub point is just giving definitions of those terms it’s very short and if you notice yesterday the first sub point was the history of the SAT and racial patterns that were discovered or claimed based on studies.

Planning is essential and I would say looking back on seeing my a-levels climbing if he was doing the GGC essay is still essential because it means you get the perfect structure and it means your ideas flow and you’re not just kind of mumbling on because you’ve forgotten you’ve already said that point something you know I’m going to stop it I know a woman owes and come back so how I personally plan is I slip it into the different book and I make sure that as for each book title and then each key point from each of the books so I know what key points belong to which book when I come to write them in the exam I know exactly which one I’m citing where that’s the third thing that isn’t by no means the whole class that’s just to sort your ideas out so that it’s not just in your face and in like spread across the whole cable.

So what I have to do next after a flip them is look back at the questionnaire carefully because sometimes it’s the teutuls feeling nice things written a big paragraph about what they want to see in your earthly now they don’t always do this in fact it’s quite rare but my last essay they did do that I’m very grateful because it meant that I could then split my plan into each of these individual questions and then link books and fact that I’ve remembered all these different things and I’ll show you that now so this is the essay that I’m writing as you can see in and make this passage does um a lot of questions that he’s put on questions that were in like the yellow bit that I’ve highlighted I’ve split so that they’re all separate and I’ve put in read the bits that I remember from my reading and where I think they could go and some references to the texture that’s a book and a page number okay so now you’ve seen my plan you visualize what I’m one telling it and I can tell you some other methods of culling I’ve had people do so.

I’ve seen people do tables if it’s like a foreign against death day I’ve seen people I threw her if you’ve heard of what they called the words that meaning like discussing that so be discussed it’s all you a if you’re in a little you teachers of banished them out at you like people GG if I discussed FA that would basically translate to a Berlioz argument of my opinion because if I’m discussing I’m discussing what I think so it will be a subjective essay now because of that and I need to then plan my response to each thing said in the book so I would say write out a quote and then write on my opinion of that and do it for all different ones and then maybe sort it into one side of the argument on the other side of the argument and that would be pretty similar for most of the essay questions if you get it could be compared to be discussed it could be evaluate they all pretty much mean the same thing so as all you a would be you’d be comparing be contrasting you’d be like saying which one’s useful which ones aren’t useful and basically in your plan you can just sort them into different sections that’s how I plan those you could comment down below how you would apply then I can learn from you probably.