Examining Argumentative Essay

In preparation for you to make your own outline we’re going to look at one more sample argumentative essay and we’re going to outline the structure of that essay and then we are going to move on and I will demonstrate what you’re going to do tomorrow which is create an outline for your own research essay and I’ll show you the expectations towards the end of this video so you need to start with what want to go through is this one right here and you’ll see argumentative essay sample too and you’ll notice that the first line is the hook of the introduction and the statements gets people aware of the scope of the issue so it’s marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug in the United States it’s a big statement that kind of captures the scope of the issue. Read more examples of argumentative essays onĀ Edusson.

And you’ll see that in the introduction then it follows with some statistics which is different from yesterday’s essay because if you look at yesterday’s essay what it does is for the sample 1 it starts with a statement about the the observations of the new study it goes to the thesis and then it gives a piece of a piece of information from the conclusion of that particular study so it it has this quote here this qualitative assessment after the after the thesis and this essay is structured differently by giving you the evidence the statistical evidence here so those are two different ways to start now what you’ll notice with this one also essay number two is you notice that this kind of seems like a thesis statement despite some viewpoints the marijuana is harmless these figures present a sobering picture of this drugs very real and serious harms and that may seem like a thesis but if you keep reading they actually get much more specific and their thesis down here is marijuana presents a major challenge for health care profession providers public safety professionals and leaders and communities in all levels of government seeking to reduce the drug use and its consequences throughout the country.

So the thesis is that it presents a major challenge and it’s because of its it’s damaging so that’s the thesis right there it’s a much more specific thesis and if you compare it to yesterday’s thesis you can see that that’s also a specific thesis that the finding could be extremely significant as many colleges that continue to rely on SAT may be less comfortable doing so so you want to work to have your thesis specific like that as well and not just a general it’s good or bad kind of thesis if you scroll down then the first sub point is there a significant public discussion around marijuana much of which includes terms legalization dis criminalization of medical marijuana and the first sub point is just giving definitions of those terms it’s very short and if you notice yesterday the first sub point was the history of the SAT and racial patterns that were discovered or claimed based on studies.